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Here’s the deal. I’m a writer. And as I write this (July, 2015) I’ve got a bit of a problem: My writing keeps popping out of the categories into which I try to squeeze it.  In the last decade or so, as I’ve drifted from one new interest to another, I tried to compensate for the shifts by creating new websites to contain the changing topics of my articles, podcasts, and videos.

Trouble is, those nice, tight little buckets labeled Michael Greer’s PM ResourcesBest Free TrainingInspired Project Teams, and Project Management Freebies (my four original websites) finally proved to be too constraining. I continue to learn about — and then try to share with the world — new things that don’t always fit neatly into one of these sites. Ultimately this has led to what marketing types might call “ambiguous brand identity!” 

It is my intent, through my Worth Sharing site to address these issues. In particular, I’m attempting to:

  1. Provide a site with enough categories to allow my present and future writing interests to peacefully coexist in one place. And this means I must not only provide a place for the material that fits into my original buckets (i.e., the four websites named above), but also provide a place to collect entirely new material in some entirely new, and intentionally broad, categories. (Thus you’ll find collections vaguely labeled Editorials, Peace of Mind, Tech, & Misc.!)
  2. Provide an opportunity for those who choose to uncover my “brand identity” to do so fairly easily by helping them quickly locate everything I’ve published. While this won’t necessarily make my brand any less ambiguous, it will at least allow readers to more easily form a more complete picture of what I have to offer them.

What My Oldest Colleagues Know

To the casual observer of that intellectual audit trail that is my published works, it may seem I’m somewhat unfocused! However, as my oldest colleagues — the folks who “knew me when” — can tell you, the evolution of my interests has roughly corresponded to the evolution of my career. Specifically, in a professional life that’s now exceeded three decades (Whoa!), I’ve played these roles:

  • High school English teacher and university faculty member
  • Director of a university Learning Resources (& media production) Center
  • Instructional designer/consultant in “performance-based training” for both public & private sector organizations
  • Manager of instructional design teams
  • Author of PM (project management) books and articles about (at first) managing instructional design and (later) managing any kind of project
  • Creator/presenter of customized, on-site PM workshops for many different organizations in many different industries (and several different countries!)
  • Student of (and writer about) ways to inspire, motivate, enlighten, and find personal peace of mind as part of a project team and, more importantly, as an individual
  • (Throughout it all) a somewhat geeky adopter and explorer of new technologies in the form of media, computer hardware & software, etc.

So given the eclectic list above, my oldest colleagues cut me some slack and tolerate me as I go on and on about the latest thing I’ve learned in one of these seemingly disconnected domains. They know that while I can sometimes be obnoxious and over-enthusiastic, I generally mean well and have been known to leave my readers with something useful or at least moderately enlightening.  And I hope you will come to agree with them.

— Mike Greer
— email: pm.minimalist[at]gmail[dot]com 


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