Be a role model of PM Minimalism: Manage your projects with a 1-page checklist!

Are you ready to cut through all the usual PM garbage and “go Minimalist?”  OK!

Step 1: Get the PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide.

The PM Minimalist Quick Start Guide is designed to help you plan and manage your first project using the PM Minimalist approach. The 38-page Quick Start Guide includes:

  • Project Management Minimalist Quick Start Checklist — You can use this simple tool to plan and manage an entire project.
  • Quick Start Post Mortem Worksheet: Audit, Adjust, & Keep It Simple! — You can use this tool to conduct a “post mortem” of any project and discover some “lessons learned” so you can do better next time.
  • PM Minimalist Values Checklist — A one-page list of the 10 values that can help you think like a “PM Minimalist”
  • PM Minimalist Values Explained — Full explanations and examples of each of the 10 PM Minimalist Values
  • Learn More — Live (“hot”) links to online articles, downloadable documents, and audio/video media that provide practical advice for applying PM Minimalism (Note: If your reader is Wi-Fi enabled, you could go directly to these links from the Quick Start Guide while you’re reading it.)

Click one of the links below to start your free download – or get ’em all, if you want to!
(All are available here: )

Step 2: Use the Quick Start Checklist to plan & manage a project.

(The one-page Quick Start Checklist)

Step 3: Step back and think…

After you’ve used the Quick Start Checklist to plan or manage your first PM Minimalist-style project, then step back and think about this cosmic question:

  • What do I need to change (what PM processes, artifacts, etc.) do I need to add or subtract to improve my PM without overloading it with PM administrivia?

Step 4: Download the PDF of the flowchart shown here & make some decisions.

  • Use the chart to help you decide what you need to change for your next project. (The PDF includes lots of links to references you can consult, if needed.)
  • REPEAT this process frequently to refine your project management practices, “strip out” all the excess administrivia and become a Project Management Minimalist!
PDF Flowchart: Applying PM Minimalism for Leaner PM (It’s loaded with links to other materials!)

(Flowchart URL:


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