One Simple Thing to Improve Projects or PM (An Anthology)

In November of 2011 I invited visitors to my main PM web site and other PM discussion sites to share “one simple thing…” that could improve projects and/or project management (PM). Many smart people with lots of different PM experiences took the time to think about, then respond to, this invitation.1-simple-thing-anthology

This free e-book anthology is a collection of their responses. It includes:

  • Full-blown articles by guest bloggers published on my website
  • Comments by my website’s visitors
  • Comments posted on LinkedIn’s “PMChat” group
  • Comments posted on this discussion on Focus (

My heartfelt “Thanks!” to all of those who were kind enough to create and share their thoughtful responses to this challenge! In fact, their compiled wisdom proved of such great value that this little e-book is now required reading in my online PM class for Franklin University!

I hope you find this anthology to be a thought-provoking and valuable resource. Enjoy!



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