1. Dedication

  2. Introduction

  3. The Meaning of Project Management

    1. Project Management: “A Technology of Manifestation…”

    2. The Project Manager as Plate-Spinning Juggler

    3. The Origins of My PM Minimalism: It’s Not Merely Simple-Minded... It’s About PM Essences

  4. PM Techniques

    1. My PM Vision & Values: 20 Practices & Attitudes That Might Help You Become a Better Project Manager

    2. Five Actions That Will Help You Sell That Complicated Project

    3. Step Away from the Computer and Get Out Your Post-It Notes!

    4. Keeping Things Moving: A “To Do” List to Help You Execute, Control, and Close Out Your Project

    5. 14 Key Principles for PM Success

    6. Project Life Cycles versus Key PM Processes

    7. Beyond Words: The Power of "Making It Real" to Inspire and Focus Effort

    8. Formal, Written Sign Off: A Simple and Powerful PM Tool

    9. Rework will happen! So don't be ambushed. Build it in.

    10. Project "Post Mortem" Review Questions

    11. Ten Guaranteed Ways to Screw Up Any Project

    12. Summary: 10 Steps to Project Success

  5. Working with Your Team and Maintaining Your Sanity

    1. Ready, Fire, Aim? Or Seek First to Understand?

    2. Balancing Authority and Responsibility: It's All About Trust!

    3. Are You Causing Suffering for Your Project Team?

    4. Nurturing Corn Stalks Among the Soybeans

    5. Managing People with Self-Induced ADHD (er... Chronic Multitaskers)

    6. Reflections on Sochi, the “Second Screen” and Half-Baked Decisions

    7. Forgive Them. It's Just Their Inner Chihuahua.

    8. Why it’s Pointless to Argue about Politics or Religion

    9. Three Broad Strategies to Reward and Motivate Volunteers on Your Project Team

    10. One Simple Thing to Improve Projects or PM (An Anthology)

    11. How to Survive Family Projects: 5 PM Best Practices

    12. 10 Podcasts to Inspire Your Family "Team"

  6. Peace of Mind

    1. Why You Should Trust Your Judgment (Your "Inner Wisdom Filter")

    2. 10 Specific Actions That Can Help You Become Happier

    3. Meditation Fact Sheet: Scientifically Proven Benefits and a Who's Who of Famous Meditators

    4. How Mindfulness Meditation Helps Me Laugh at Mental Soap Bubbles

    5. Leveraging Inspiration: 10 Simple Practices to Keep Your Creative Output Flowing

    6. So what's your story? And how's it working for you?

    7. A lesson from the humble pelican: find your unique mission, then soar!

    8. Curate Your Own News: Why You Should and How You Can

    9. Are you clinging to your mummified past?

    10. Palm trees and pear blossoms or 10 feet of dog pooh? It's a choice!

    11. Hurricane Sandy: Shining a Light on Surrender, Acceptance and Focused Action

    12. Everything you own, owns you back! (So acquire with care!)

  7. PM Leadership and Vision

    1. What's project portfolio management (PPM) and why should project managers care about it?

    2. Go too many projects? Prioritize them!

    3. Be a role model of PM Minimalism: Manage your projects with a 1-page checklist!

    4. "Cut the Fat" Audit Part 1: The Sources of PM Bloat

    5. "Cut the Fat" Audit Part 2: A PM Weight Loss Strategy

    6. The Project Management Change Agent: How to Lead Your PM Revolution

    7. The PM Minimalist Integration Guide: Adopting Project Management Minimalism in Your Organization

  8. Of PM Skills and How They Are Acquired

    1. The Accidental Project Manager

    2. Project Management is a broad human practice, not merely a profession.

    3. How to Get Your First Job in Project Management (PM)

    4. How to Teach Yourself About Project Management without Spending Any Money on Training or Consultants

    5. Beyond PM Certification: Achieving PM Performance Improvement

    6. Seven Benefits of Local PM Certification

    7. How to Create a Locally-Relevant Set of PM Job Tasks and Competencies Based on Job Level

    8. Advanced Project Management Training: Focus on Local Complexity, not PM Esoterica.

  9. How to Find My Publications or Follow Me

  10. About My "WORTH SHARING" Website